Greens aerification is a sore subject for most golfers. The disruption to the putting surfaces affects the roll of the ball until the greens adequately heal. But it is a “necessary evil” that ensures the health of the closely mown turf.

Greens receive lots of traffic. They are mowed daily, they are rolled frequently, and they are walked on by every golfer that plays the course. Over time this causes compaction of the underlying soil, robbing it of oxygen and the ability to not only accept water but to allow water to drain through it. Most people know that plants require C02 to complete photosynthesis – but many do not know that roots require oxygen to respire or “breathe.” Aerification allows oxygen back into the root zone and also allows bad gases, formed through decomposition, and microbial activity out.

Rose Hill Golf Club Greens Aerification

Step One - Topdressing the Green

Good agronomic practices are worth the effort and are paying off here at Rose Hill. Part of maintaining a healthy course is aerification. Before work begins, the Rose Hill Team uses data and scouting to determine the timing and frequency of aerification. Adjustments may be needed based on the weather and course usage. Join General Manager Mike Kuhn as he talks us through the multiple steps of this critical process.

Step Two - Surface Punching

After topdressing the green, step two in the aerification process is to punch the surface of the green. This process improves water infiltration and provides better exchange between the root zone and the atmosphere.

Step Three - Sand Sweeping

Watch, listen, and learn as Mike talks us through step three of the aerification process - sweeping the sand into the holes punched by the aerifier. We’re one step closer to being ready for play.

Step Four- Rolling of the Green

Step four of the aerification process is rolling of the greens (which sounds like the name of a song, but isn’t…yet). With a skilled operator in charge, this specialized equipment will roll down any imperfections utilizing a side-to-side motion.

Step Five - Fertilizing

Fertilizer provides the grass with the nutrients needed to grow over the holes and above the sand that was applied during the topdressing process.

Step Six - Watering

The final step of aerification is to water the greens. Within 7-10 days the greens will be rolling like a pool table. We appreciate the hard work our entire team and we can’t wait to see you on the course!