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Aerification Explained

September 13, 2023|Aerification, Course Updates, Fertilization, Greens|

Good agronomic practices are worth the effort and are paying off here at Rose Hill. Part of maintaining a healthy course is aerification. Before work begins, the Rose Hill Team uses data and scouting to determine the timing and frequency of aerification. Adjustments may be needed based on the weather and course usage. Join General Manager Mike Kuhn as he talks us through the multiple steps of this critical process.

Greens Aerification

May 23, 2023|Greens|

Rose Hill Golf Club Greens Aerification Mother Nature has given us a nice window today to get started with greens aerification. The process starts with spreading a layer of sand on the turf. The aerifier then punches the holes and the sand is dragged from the surface into the holes. A

Foliar Fertilizer and Fungicide

May 5, 2023|Course Updates, Fertilization, Greens|

Foliar Fertilizer and Fungicide Much of the work done on the course is not as noticeable as the terrific new signage. We make every effort to complete maintenance tasks with the least disruption to players. Today will wrap up a very busy and productive week for the RHGC Team. Greens

Aerification Update – April 2023

April 20, 2023|Aerification|

Rose Hill Golf Club Aerification Update There are a large variety of aerification processes and techniques. Each variation has a particular application. You may even notice that the same machine can be utilized differently depending on if it were on greens versus tees. Turf people use words like venting, punching,



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