At Rose Hill Golf Club, we are committed to excellence in maintenance. Join General Manager Mike Kuhn as he walks us through verticutting, one of many maintenance practices to keep greens in pristine condition.

The goal of verticutting is to break through the turf canopy to remove thatch from the upper portion of the profile. The proper depth and frequency of this practice depends on the existing condition of the greens and the desired outcome.

Step One - Verticutting

Good agronomic practices are worth the effort and are paying off here at Rose Hill. Part of maintaining a healthy course is verticutting. Verticutting is short for vertical mowing, a process of mowing greens vertically instead of horizontally. This process removes thatch to reduce puffiness and improve water infiltration. Verticutting is followed by traditional mowing to pick up the remaining thatch. Join General Manager Mike Kuhn as he talks us through the remaining steps of the verticutting process.

Step Two - Topdressing

Topdressing involves applying a layer of sand into the grooves and canopy of the green to dilute the thatch and firm the surface.

Step Three - Sand Brushing

Sand brushing helps the sand settle into the grooves and canopy of the green.

Step Four- Water

The final step of the verticutting process it  watering. Greens are looking great and have improved a ton since this time last year. We appreciate the hard work of the Rose Hill Golf Club team. Come one out and see us - we’d love to have you.